Android's Work Profile to Separate Work from Personal

Everyone is talking about BYOD solutions (Bring Your Own Device, or as we call it in Mobisec BYOx Bring You Own Everything) and when it comes to Android devices, Google is offering the powerful Work Profile, which is a way for IT to provide access to work apps and resources on your Android device, while ensuring your private data is separate and not visible to IT.

In fact, the work apps have a briefcase logo on the app icon to indicate that the app has been provided by your organization. All the work apps are also organized in a “Work” folder so you can easily access it from the home screen.

You can sleep soundly every night knowing that with the work profile, IT has absolutely no way of completely wiping your phone clean and deleting your personal data, such as your priceless family photos.

To get the work profile on your phone, all you need to do is install the AirWatch Agent and authenticate with your corporate credentials. As soon as enrollment was complete, you will see the creation of the work profile on your home screen with the badged work apps.

Read more about Android's Work Profile experience here:

And consult us here at Mobisec on how to implement it:

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