Another example why your organization must use Sandblast Mobile

Even when your employees are downloading from the official Google store a simple utility app for their mobile a device, and this device is connected to your organization email or other applications, be aware that your organizational data is in risk and might be exposed.

Check Point researchers have detected a new type of adware roaming Google Play, the official app store of Google. The suspicious scripts overrides the user’s decision to disable ads showing outside of a legitimate context, and then, in many of the apps, hides its icon to hinder efforts to remove it. This is a purely malicious activity, as it has no other possible purpose other than eluding the user.

Dubbed ‘LightsOut’, the code hid itself in 22 different flashlight and utility apps, and reached a spread of between 1.5 million and 7.5 million downloads. Its purpose? To generate illegal ad revenue for its perpetrators at the expense of unsuspecting users.

The deception was far reaching in its disruption to the user. Some users noted that they were forced to press on ads to answer calls and perform other activities on their device. Indeed, another user reported that the malicious ad activity continued even after he purchased the ad-free version of the app, taking the abuse to a whole new level.

Check Point notified Google about all these apps, who soon removed them from the Google Play store.

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