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Checkpoint introducing: SandBlast Mobile 3.0

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 is a market-leading mobile threat defense solution to prevent advanced cyberattacks on Android and iOS.

Its technology protects against threats to the operating system, apps and network, scoring the industry’s highest threat catch rate without impacting performance or user experience. SandBlast 3.0 establishes a new mobile security paradigm with on-device network threat prevention, improved usability, and data privacy features. With these latest enhancements SandBlast Mobile will now:

  • Prevent phishing attacks on all applications: email, messaging and social media

  • Prevent browsing to malicious sites where devices may become infected

  • Block infected devices from sending sensitive data to botnets

  • Keep infected devices from accessing corporate applications and data

  • Mitigate threats without relying on user action or mobile management platforms

Get more details by Checkpoint here

And contact use at Mobisec for more info on how to protect your mobile fleet from current threats:

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