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Mobile Protection, Do You Still Think it's a Nice to Have Solution?

There was a moment in your organization's not so far history when someone decided to let mobile devices to connect to the email or other organizational resource. Usually at the same time someone also decided to adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach. Now in most of the organizations, the concept is that the device owner should be responsible to secure his device. This is the same like letting the end users to decide if the organization need a firewall at all and if yes which kind and what are the needed configurations and rules. Of course this is a big mistake, if the organization is exposing internal resources to an external device, it must provide also the means to protect the data of this resources. If you are letting your users select the security solution, what is preventing them from being a part of those 6 million users that used fake anti-virus apps giving the thieves free access to your organizations resources?

Actually, the users may not be aware at all to the security needs and can select just to install a nice app or game on their own device.

Like the following 13 Android games by "Luiz O Pinto" which are all actually malicious apps that will steal data from your device:

At this point, many iOS users will say, it's Android users problems, and with a lot of confidence they will execute their nice and new Calories Tracker app which was downloaded from the official Play Store but in a clever way is stealing all their money and can use the same method to still organizational data, login names and passwords:

And the list of examples can go on and on forever...

So, if your organization is publishing internal resources to any BYOD device, the organization is also responsible to provide the means to protect the data by protecting the BYOD device.

A good protection solution must be a next generation protection solution that can identify threats using a modern behavioral analysis and other advanced methods. It must be seamless with minimal footprint on the device resources and the user's experience. A good protection solution should know to identify an protect against any vector of attack: Malicious apps, Network attacks, Vulnerability exploits, Physical attacks. A good protection solution must not only identify threats but also protect against them.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile - the leader and most advanced mobile protection solution is offering a state of the art threat detection with a wide list of protection actions.

Default protection actions

Below you can find a list of the protection actions enabled by default upon the deployment of Endpoint Protection Mobile:

Additional protection actions

Below you can find a list of additional protection actions you can enable in Endpoint Protection Mobile:

Mobisec Technologies is the most experienced mobility team in Israel and responsible for the majority of the SEP Mobile install base in Israel. Our professional services team members have a huge experience with SEP Mobile implementation and also with the SEP Mobile EMM Integration features. For more info on SEP Mobile and on Mobile devices management and protection, contact us:

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