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More Spyware From Google Play as a Legitimate Android Apps

Dangerous spyware apps discovered form the Google play store that posed as legitimate apps and almost 100,000 users downloaded and affected these malicious apps from 196 countries.

Based on the Current mobile-based attacks, Android Platform is one of the biggest Target for Cyber Criminals to spying and Steal the personal information around the globe.

There are 6 malicious Android apps are discovered from play store including the famous game and other following apps:

Researchers detected this Spyware as ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY that is capable of stealing various sensitive information such as user location, SMS conversations, call logs and clipboard items.

Initially Once the Malware launched then its checks the device’s network availability and later it parse an XML configure file with the help of C&C server. This are the Command and Control servers: hxxp://www[.]mobistartapp[.]com hxxp://www[.]coderoute[.]ma hxxp://www[.]hizaxytv[.]com hxxp://www[.]seepano[.]com

Later the malware start collects the some of personal information device information such as the language used, its registered country, package name, device manufacturer.

Once the collection process done then it start communicate with its Command & control server and share the complete collected data.

The attacker will pass command to the malware to collect further sensitive information such as steal SMS conversations, contact lists, files, and call logs

Steal call logs

Steal contact list

Steal SMS conversations

This Malware also capable of performing phishing attacks in order to steal the credentials by pushing the fake Facebook and Google pop-ups.

Fake Facebook login pop-up

Once users fill the fake Facebook phishing page, it will just throw the failed Popup reality it will send the credentials to the attacker.

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