SEP Mobile (Skycure) - New unwanted apps rules

For our SEP Mobile (Previously Skycure) Customers, be aware for this new policies:

Following the launch of SEP Mobile’s unwanted apps rule engine, on Sunday, February 4, 2018 a couple of low-risk malware policies will automatically become unwanted apps rules:

  1. For Android – apps that were downloaded from a source other than official Google Play Store and require excessive permissions

  2. For iOS – apps that were downloaded from a source other than the official Apple App Store

How will this impact your environment?

  1. All low-risk malware incidents that are open solely due to either reason above will be closed with the resolution 'Opened as an unwanted app'

  2. Instead, a new low-risk ‘unwanted app’ incident will open for each such app

  3. Overall risk of the device, as well as compliance status, is not affected

  4. End-users will see security alerts for their unwanted apps in the app – they will not receive a proactive notification or email when this happens but the alert will show in the app (this is not the case for low-risk malware)

  5. A couple of new unwanted apps rules (one for Android and one for iOS) will be added under Settings > Security > Apps and can then be adjusted to match the specific needs of your environment

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