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VMware Workspace ONE Support for Apple New Release – iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and tvOS 12

At a special event on September 12th, Apple revealed new iPhones and a new Apple Watch, and announced the release dates for iOS 12, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave.

The recent VMware Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch technology 9.7 release supports several newly announced features.

This blog post outlines a list of the newly supported features and where to find them within the Workspace ONE UEM 9.7 console.

Apple iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 continues to build upon recent iOS releases by adding additional security-focused features. With Workspace ONE UEM 9.7 and later, VMware supports configuring the following features directly in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • S/MIME enhancement - Administrators can now set whether the user can toggle S/MIME Signing and Encryption on or off. Additionally, administrators can choose whether users can select certificates other than the certificate delivered through Workspace ONE UEM

  • OAuth for Exchange ActiveSync - Administrators can enable native mail to use modern authentication when connecting to Exchange or Office 365

  • Notifications enhancements - Administrators can now allow an application to bypass Do Not Disturb and ringer settings. Administrators can also allow notifications in CarPlay and choose how application notifications are grouped

  • Restrictions - On supervised devices, administrators can force automatic date and time sync, and control password auto fill, proximity requests, and sharing. Apple iOS also provides additional controls for contacts in managed and unmanaged apps

Apple macOS Mojave

Apple macOS Mojave is another release with a heavy focus on improved security and transparency for the end user. The most notable addition to macOS Mojave is the Privacy Policy Preferences Policy Control payload. 

  • User Privacy Preferences - Administrators can now pre-authorize application access to specific user or system data and events on behalf of an end user.   Overall, the expanded user data privacy protections help bring increased security and privacy awareness to macOS

  • OAuth for Native Mail - Administrators can enable native mail to use modern authentication when connecting to Exchange or Office 365

Apple tvOS 12

Although tvOS 12 did not have any additional configuration payloads for MDM to deploy, Workspace ONE already fully supports any Apple TV upgrading to tvOS 12.

For more info on Apple new release support or any other VMware Workspace ONE issues, contact us:

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