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You may already own a personal mobile terminal station

For all of those who missed our last technical event with VMware, here is a video clip showing exactly one of our most exciting demonstrations.

Many Samsung users aren't aware that they already own a high performance mobile terminal station.

Just imagine the simple scenario in which your organization CEO or VP Marketing is arriving to his office, mounting his Samsung device into a small docking station (Samsung DEX), and now using his standard wireless mouse and keyboard with his 24 inch flat screen, to lunch in seconds any application or desktop or operating system the organization is providing.

In other words, no need for PC or Laptop, no need for tablet, just use your Samsung smartphone device as a terminal station for everything, any application (platform native, SaaS, etc.), any resource (shares, files) and desktop.

Sounds amazing? For us here at Mobisec technologies as experts on VMware's End User Computing products like Horizon and Workspace ONE, it is a simple straightforward implementation, for us the mobile phone is already the new age terminal station.

Watch this video clip and contact us for more details:

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